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Led by the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County, the Prevention Center’s mission is to stop violence before it begins. The Prevention Center provides insights provides insights on early intervention programs designed to intercept or de-escalate violence and build the capacity of individuals and families to regulate their emotions and behaviors without violence.


Concept Paper

Learn how the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County provides leadership, education and training in the utilization of a prevention lens that broadens the continuum of care and increases access points to services.


The Conceptualization of Prevention

Join us for a webinar to learn how Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County has developed a prevention center model for victims of intimate partner violence, sexual violence and sex trafficking.

About Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County

The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County is a private, non-profit agency founded in 1979 whose mission is to assist families as they experience the impacts of conflict and family violence and to provide understanding and consultation for the community at large.

The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County provides comprehensive services to families through a variety of programs including emergency safe shelter for victims fleeing domestic violence, intensive individualized case management services, family psychotherapy, victim advocacy services, educational and skills groups, parenting groups, perpetrator intervention groups and a crisis hotline. These programs help promote safety for all members of the family and assist families in developing the capacity to move forward in lives less prone to conflict and violence.  The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County believes that every family wants to live in a way that supports and sustains the growth and development of all of its members.  As the family begins to interrupt patterns in their relationship system and develop and enhance their capacity to respond flexibility to the challenges they face they will be able to move forward in lives in ways that are free from violence.  If any one person in the family unit can begin this work, the whole family system will begin to function differently.  Our work is about stopping the violence AND helping families grow capacity.

Resources by Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County


A Public Health Approach to Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence


Salus Prevention Center Resources


Overview: An Introduction to a Public Health Approach

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